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Workers’ Compensation

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Benefits of OrthoCor's Workers' Compensation Recovery Program

  • Facilitates a quick recovery from post-surgical operations due to Meniscus and ACL tears
  • PEMF has been clinically proven to reduce post-operative pain by 66%
  • Clinical findings for PEMF on osteoarthritic patients reported a 60% reduction in chronic knee pain
  • A three-year PEMF & arthroscopy study, showed 90% more PEMF patients returned back to daily & sport activities than nonusers
  • Compliments PT therapy & work conditioning programs

Clinical Efficacy


Start Your Healing Process

Bring the Patient Guide with you to your doctor’s office. Your doctor will need to fill out the Physician Written Order Form (click below)

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Send Us Your Rx!


Fax order to 888-314-8870 or Email Order to OrthoCor Medical Questions?  Call  877-678-RELIEF (7354)


Delivered to your Door


Once your workers compensation approves of the device, we will ship it directly to your door.


Patient Care Follow-Up


Patient Care Managers will follow up on how the device is working for you and will periodically do a refill check up.


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