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Chaz Harris Promoted to Vice President of Government Affairs

Chaz Harris has been with us at OrthoCor Medical for years, first as a consultant and then as the Director of Veterans Affairs. Now he assumes a new role as Vice President of the Government Affairs division, where he’ll continue his important work improving the care and quality of life veterans receive.

Chaz has considerable experience with the Active System, and appreciates how its features promote themselves. “The Active System is a value-based product,” he explained, “it does, and covers, more than any other wearable Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy product. Physicians who have treated patients with the Active System often reach out to other healthcare providers to let them know that this technology is available, and that it provides improved quality of care for patients suffering from acute and chronic pain.”

CEO Fariborz Boor Boor praised successes in the veteran space. “We have relied on Chaz for years,” he said, “and seen him open doors and get our products into the hands of people we would never have been able to reach otherwise. This change reflects his hard work, but also how much I trust Chaz when it comes to driving OrthoCor’s ability to help even more veterans in the future.”

Chaz is happy to have accomplished so much, but his eyes are on the future. “My success comes down to my work ethic, learning from experiences and mistakes alike, and setting unprecedented goals for myself,” he said. “Others thinking that my goals were unrealistic just fueled my drive.” He also eagerly anticipates expanding the capabilities of the Government Affairs division with new hires. “OrthoCor as a company is going to continue to grow,” Harris added, “and I’m excited to bring on new people who share the same knowledge and passion for veteran care. We’re going to be a major player in the reduction of this opioid crisis that is killing our veterans.”


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