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PEMF Patient Spotlight: Andrea from Minnesota

Q: When did your knee pain start?
A: I had nerve pain and that was what brought me to a chiropractor in the first place. Then that went away and this new pain started. It spreads throughout the back of my leg. I also had a cyst behind my knee, so that has been causing the pain.

Q: What did you previously use to treat the pain?
A: The doc had adjusted my knee and taped it. He has been doing ultrasound to try to break up the cyst and then he also suggested that I use the OrthoCor Active Knee System. We started all this at the same time. I was not doing anything prior to any of this for my knee since this was a new condition.

Q: How has the pain affected your daily life?
A: It hasn’t stopped me for doing activities. It’s just some activities hurt more. It particularly hurts putting weights on my left knee. Doing things like stairs, lifting heavy things and trying to touch my toes.

Q: How has the Active Knee System helped you?
A: I am only on my second box of OrthoPods. I wear it basically at night. The pain seems to be getting better each day and I have been wearing it everyday. This is also in conjunction with the ultrasound as well. I’m not sure if it’s a combination of both things that are making it better, but like I said it is getting better so I’m going to continue using the OrthoPods for the next two weeks.


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