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PEMF Patient Spotlight: Ann from Minnesota

Q: When did your knee pain start?
A: It started back probably 15 years ago when I took a fall. Five or six years ago I started getting arthritis in that area too. Then it was hard to tell if I was having pain from the knee or arthritis. It was a little bit of a crossover. From the get-go my knee has been bone on bone. So my doctors keep telling me I should have surgery. I’m not comfortable with that.

Q: What did you previously use to treat the pain?
A: I started off by taking cortisone shots about once a year. Then it moved up to more pain and I didn’t want to take more because I know cortisone weakens bones. I was working so hard to keep my knee from stiffening. I was working out at a gym, I was doing everything.

Q: How has the pain affected your daily life?
A: We’ve always been very active to go do things with the family. We like to go to concerts and different things like that. All the stairs were more work than it was fun, so I cut out the outdoors, the concerts and pretty much just limited myself to being able to walk on a flat of surface. I couldn’t lift things heavy, couldn’t put extra weight on that knee. It was just little things that added up to be very, very important things. It made it very difficult to have the quality of life that I did. I always loved to cook and entertain, but being on my feet for 4-6 hours was really hard.

Q: How has the Active Knee System helped you?
A: It gives me that ability to know that if someone says ‘let’s go to the zoo” or ‘let’s go do this’ I can do that. I couldn’t go and be on my feet that long before. By the time I had used it for a week, I was very much sold. And if I don’t want to go I’m of that age where I say I don’t want to go. But it’s not because I couldn’t go. Because the family says ‘is your knee bothering you’ and I say no, I just don’t want to go.


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