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PEMF Patient Spotlight: Dr. William from Georgia

Q: When did your knee pain start?
A: I’ve had this progress over the last two and a half years. The discomfort that I have is usually on getting up and starting to walk after I had been sitting for a while or waking up in the morning not having moved my leg. Usually I will get pain on initial movement.

Q: What did you previously use to treat the pain?
A: I would usually take anti-inflammatories. I’ve also taken Hyaluronic acid injections every six months for three years. There is some difference, but it would not clear up the problem. It would make it so long walks would not be a problem in terms of giving way or things like that.

Q: How has the pain affected your daily life?
A: I used to be very active, playing racquetball and things of that nature. So any activity like that I’m just not able to do. I would have pain on a scale of about 5-6 out of 10 when I would first get up in the morning or sit at my desk for 20 or 30 minutes. It would take a while to start working out the pain. After using the Active Knee System, it dramatically decreases that.

Q: How has the Active Knee System helped you?
A: It dramatically decreases the discomfort when I stand up, and that’s just from using it the last two weeks. The evenings I have used it, when I wake up the next morning, that sudden discomfort in the joint is not present like it was before.  I saw results after about a week of using it. I was very skeptical at the beginning, so it really surprised me that it made a difference. It brought my pain down to about 1 out of 10.


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