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PEMF Patient Spotlight: Lori from New York

Q: When did your knee pain start?
A: It started 22 years ago after a brutal knee injury. I had a bump in my knee and I went for two arthroscopic surgeries. They did a lot of work to clear the arthritis out, but they couldn’t do it. They had to scrape my patella and take part of my meniscus out.

Q: What did you previously use to treat the pain?
A: I went to physical therapy and when it didn’t work, I went through arthroscopic surgery. They were giving me painkillers and I was allergic to that. I’ve had 3 cortisone shots and the last one didn’t even work. It was sad. Topical cream has helped me. I buy heating packs and they have helped me, but there are days nothing can help me. The doctor prescribed medication that I don’t take because it doesn’t even work. It’s not just arthritis, it’s chronic arthritis and I have injuries in there.

Q: How has the pain affected your daily life?
A: Well I take medication because I get panic attacks from the pain. When it’s colder I just suffer to death. But even if it’s 50 or in the summer time, I never know when I’m going to get a flare up. Once I get the flare-up it doesn’t stop.

Q: How has the Active Knee System helped you?
A: When I first put the OrthoPods in, I was wearing it over an hour when I felt relief. After I take the brace off, my pain went down to 50 percent. There was one time where I put it on and the pain went away completely. I was in severe pain — I was screaming. I put the brace on and it took away all the pain. The Active Knee System made me go out more. I went to the city, I couldn’t have done that before. I just felt more secure for some reason. I’ll use it my whole life. I swear I’ve gone 22 years with this knee injury and there’s nothing like it.


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