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PEMF Patient Spotlight: Ronald from Texas

Q: When did your knee pain start?
A: I’ve had problems with my knee ever since high school. I waited until I was 61 years old to treat it. I got my first knee replaced and I was walking about a mile a day after a few months of therapy until a few years ago when I tripped and fell down the basement stairs. When I did, I bent my whole right leg back and it never did feel much better. I currently have both knees replaced.

Q: What did you previously use to treat the pain?
A: I’ve had five arthroscopic surgeries and eventually had both knees replaced. I was a diabetic and at the time and couldn’t take cortisone in my body because it raised my blood sugar. I worked with it and continued exercising to try to make it feel better and it just never really did. At night I’d take a couple aspirin along with pain pills in the morning too. I’m using another unloading brace right now but it’s not as effective as the Active Knee System. The unloading brace is painful because I have to wrap it really tight.

Q: How has the pain affected your daily life?
A: It was painful from when I got out of bed during the morning till I went to bed. I can’t run, I can’t get down on my knees

Q: How has the Active Knee System helped you?
A: I got the Active Knee System about a year ago. I wasn’t opposed to paying for it. I knew it was a little pricey, but for what it did, it is fabulous. I walk around the neighborhood. I put it on my right knee as I walked and all of the sudden my knee started feeling much, much better and it was much less painful. I noticed it the very next day. All of the sudden it just calmed down and felt so much better. I use it when I mow the lawn because it helps me. And when I don’t put it on it really bothers me. I’m very, very happy with the results.  I would recommend it to anybody.


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