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Paulette M.


“The fact that it got rid of the pain so quickly is very impressive. I wore it for a few days and just couldn’t believe that the pain I always get on the side of my knee just disappeared. The Active Knee System has improved my quality of life greatly because I can get around better without pain.”

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Darrell T.


“I’ve tried other stuff—I can’t even remember everything else I’ve tried. I’m pretty patient; I give it a week to two weeks but if it doesn’t help, I stop. After 3 days with the OrthoCor Active Knee System, I noticed a difference. It alleviated the pain.”

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Edwin G.



“I’ve had pain in my knee for many years and it slows me down a lot. I don’t walk the way I should and my doctor says he doesn’t even know how I can walk on it. At age 88, knee replacement was not an option so I tried the OrthoCor Active Knee System. After just one treatment I noticed progress and soon afterward, I was able to walk normally again.”

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Dr. Jeff M.


“I have been suffering from chronic knee pain for almost one year. This stems from sports injuries to the joint dating back to high school. Since using the OrthoCor Active Knee System, I have felt more relief than with a combination of other therapies, including injections and ibuprofen. Not only do I receive immediate short-term relief, but the effects seem to be long-term as well.”

profile pic of Bill

Bill C.


“As a former professional athlete, exercise has always been a huge part of my life. Even after my playing days were over, I ran to stay in shape. Unfortunately, the wear and tear of a career in baseball finally caught up with me and even running a few miles caused great pain in my knee. All I could think about was my knee pain and eventually, I had to stop running altogether. After using the OrthoCor Active Knee System, I’m happy to say that I’m back running. In fact, the combination of running and a healthy diet has allowed me to lose 22 pounds! My knee feels really good and the best part is I can focus on the road and not on the pain. The OrthoCor Active Knee System has been huge for me!”

profile pic of Joe

Joe S.


“I had a ACL tear due to a sports injury recently. The next day after the injury my left knee was so swollen and in so much pain that I couldn’t bend my knee at all. I immediately began my two week therapy with OrthoCor’s Active Knee System. After two days of treatment, I regained 90% of my range of motion due to the reduction in swelling. The constant dull pain had subsided tremendously as well. After a week of treatment, the swelling and pain had completely gone away! I am so happy with OrthoCor’s Active Knee System.”

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