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Two Regional Directors Join Our Government Affairs Division

We are excited to welcome Jeff Klunke and Tina Richter to OrthoCor Medical! They will assist Vice President Chaz Harris in managing sales and services within the Government Affairs division.

Both Klunke and Richter bring considerable experience to their new positions. An eight-year veteran of the US Marine Corps, Jeff sees his new role as an opportunity to provide his fellow veterans with alternatives to opioids. “I came to OrthoCor because I felt there is a significant deficit in our ability to treat our veterans and other chronic pain patients with something outside of narcotics,” he said. “Chronic pain, obviously, is a very big issue in the veteran community. So is opioid use – and addiction. So if we can offer them something that can help alleviate their pain that doesn’t involve narcotics, it helps to kill two birds with one stone.”

Tina’s professional background includes roles at Argon Medical, AliMed, and Medela Inc. “I love working with veterans,” she said, “I love what I do. This is my passion, and that’s how I got here.” Richter then turned her attention to the current and future challenges facing veterans. “This generation of veterans has changed dramatically from previous ones in terms of what the problems are. So I think, not just about service now, but what kind of care will they need when they’re in their seventies and eighties?” She specifically highlighted the potential for innovation and development represented by OrthoCor’s in-house manufacturing capabilities.


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