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Welcome Joe Khalifa as Vice President of Commercial Distribution & Physician Sales!

Khalifa will oversee the orthopedic company’s efforts to provide non-pharmaceutical pain management and recovery options for workers’ compensation and private payors

We are pleased to announce that Joe Khalifa has joined OrthoCor Medical as our Vice President of Commercial Distribution & Physician Sales. His position heads the expansion of our interests in workers’ compensation to encompass a wider range of employers, private payors, and other markets. “We are thrilled to have Joe on board,” said Fariborz Boor Boor, CEO and Founder of OrthoCor’s parent company, Caerus Corp. “We are hoping to tap into his expertise in orthopedics and pain management in order to bring OrthoCor to the next level of service and success.” Joe brings tremendous experience to the role, including leadership responsibilities with Ossur Americas, Spring Loaded Technology, and Icarus Medical Innovations.

Vice President of Commercial Distribution & Physician Sales, Joe Khalifa
Joe Khalifa

“What I see at OrthoCor is an innovation driven company with unique capabilities,” said Khalifa, “including the research and development capabilities to prototype and produce, in-house, within very short timeframes. We also have the financial wherewithal to invest in and acquire innovative technologies in the market, so even more ideas can be explored and rapidly developed.”

The Commercial Distribution & Physician Sales division is dedicated to providing relief for the over 50 million Americans that report chronic pain. “Pain management is a huge issue addressed by a variety of different procedures and medications,” said Mr. Boor Boor. “That is anything from NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), to interventional procedures where surgery is involved, to opioids. And opioid addiction is a huge problem that’s not going away any time soon.” Our Active System employs Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy to reduce pain and encourage biological healing processes without pharmaceuticals or surgery. “People are searching for alternatives to pharmacological solutions,” said Khalifa. “They’re searching for non-invasive modalities that do not cause side effects which limit their abilities or activity. What we do can have a significant positive impact on individuals’ quality of life.”

You can learn more about Joe Khalifa and the rest of OrthoCor’s leadership here.


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