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OrthoCor Advanced System

OrthoCor’s Advanced System has all the same benefits as the OrthoCor Active System with the addition of motion sensing technology.

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OrthoCor Advanced Knee System

OrthoCor Medical's Advanced System is a non-narcotic, non-opiate, non-pharmacological pain relief alternative. Our wearable knee device is designed for convenient therapy on-the-go and complements other pain management treatments.

The Advanced System has all the same benefits as the OrthoCor Active System with the addition of new motion sensing technology. This technology pairs with our smart device app and prescriber portal allowing patients, prescribers and payors visibility into the patient’s recovery process. With the smart device application, patients can easily see how much time in the therapy session they have remaining, view activity levels during each treatment session, track recovery measurements and much more!

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Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Technology

The OrthoCor Advanced System utilizes a technology called Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy providing patients with a non-narcotic, non-pharmacological alternative to reduce or eliminate their pain. PEMF works at the cellular & molecular levels, encouraging the body’s natural healing process.

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OrthoCor Benefits

  • Reduces swelling and relieves pain
  • Non-invasive, drug-free therapy
  • 9-Axis motion sensing technology
  • Wearable design for convenient therapy on-the-go
  • Improved visibility into patient usage & pain
  • Recovery insights for patients and care providers
  • Reduce dependency on opioids for managing pain
  • Compatible with the OrthoCor Medical™ smart device app
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Request Information

If you are a health care provider and would like to learn more about OrthoCor Medical, please fill out the form below. We will be in contact with you within two to three business days. Patients, ask your doctor about if the OrthoCor Active Systems or Advanced System are right for you. If you are experiencing technical issues with your device or have any questions, please contact our customer service line: 888-583-6268.