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OrthoPods provide soothing heat and are a vital part in the activation of OrthoCor’s PEMF technology

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Adding Orthopods to PEMF Device


OrthoPods are the key to activating OrthoCor Active and Advanced Systems. Placing the OrthoPods in the device starts the pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy session. The OrthoPods connect magnetically to each system, no clumsy catches or levers are needed to keep them in place. Once placed in the device, the orientation of the OrthoPods does not matter. As long as both OrthoPods are connected to the device and the blue light is activated, the position of the OrthoPods is personal preference.

OrthoPods are air-activated; once exposed to air they will begin providing soothing heat for the entire duration of the two-hour therapy session. Each therapy session will use one package of single-use OrthoPods. When the therapy session is complete and the blue light has turned off, simply dispose the spent OrthoPods.

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How to Order OrthoPods

OrthoPods are required for all OrthoCor Medical devices as they activate the PEMF therapy session. Similar to the Active and Advanced Systems, OrthoPods need to be prescribed by a licensed health care practitioner. For refill orders, patients need to contact their doctor to submit an order for an OrthoPod refill.

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