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Technical Issues, Concerns & Comments

If you are experiencing technical issues with your device or have any questions, please call our support service team: 888-583-6268 or email us at: [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The OrthoCor Active System and OrthoPods are indicated for adjunctive use in the palliative treatment of post-operative pain and edema (swelling) in superficial soft tissue. It is also used to treat patients with minor muscle and joint aches and pain associated with overexertion, strains, sprains, and arthritis.

No. A Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation Device (TENS) serves the purpose of overwhelming a person’s nervous system through constant nerve stimulation so that it decreases the body’s ability to send pain signals to through the spinal cord to the brain. PEMF or Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy utilizes a magnetic field that affects the body on the cellular level by stimulating production of Nitric Oxide which increases blood and lymphatic flow, creating an anti-inflammatory response, as well as reduces pro-inflammatory cytokines. These effects, in concert, cause a reduction of pain and swelling in the treatment area, which ultimately enhances the body’s repair process.

The electromagnetic energy emitted by PEMF treatment is different than electricity entering the body through electrodes. It works at a frequency that is deemed safe and effective yet imperceptible

Each therapy session lasts 2 hours. The device will automatically shut off after the 2-hour therapy has completed.

OrthoCor recommends wearing the wraps over clothing. As a result of the type of electromagnetic frequency that a PEMF device emits, it is able to transmit through clothing.

OrthoPods are single-use, air-activated treatments that start the PEMF therapy. Once exposed to air they will begin providing soothing heat for the entire duration of the two-hour therapy session.

Please contact the OrthoCor Medical Customer Support Team for information on how to reorder OrthoPods:

Phone: 888-583-6268  |  Email: [email protected]

There isn’t one. To turn on an OrthoCor Medical device, connect the OrthoPods to the ports on the inside of the device. When both OrthoPods are connected a blue light will activate on the front of the device indicating that therapy has started.

Yes, both systems use a rechargeable battery, and each device is provided with a wall adapter so you can charge your system between therapy sessions.

Yes, the device is not a brace. If the blue light is on, the PEMF signal is being transmitted and your therapy is in session.

Yes, but you should not wear the device more than 8 hours in one day.

The red light will only turn on while the battery is charging. Make sure there is power to the outlet you are using, and the micro-USB charger is fully inserted into the OrthoSource charging port. If the red light still will not turn on, please contact OrthoCor Medical.

Make sure the OrthoCor device is fully charged, and the OrthoPods are properly seated in the OrthoDock. The blue light should appear to indicate the therapy session has begun. If the issue persists, please contact OrthoCor Medical.

After 2 hours, the blue indicator light on the OrthoSource will flash for 2 minutes indicating the end of the therapy. The light will completely turn off after 2 minutes.

The OrthoPod connection was interrupted during your treatment and reset the timer.

No, the device has been designed not to interfere with other devices.

No, OrthoCor Medical does not offer trials or rentals on any of our products.

OrthoCor Medical has a six-month manufacturer’s warranty on any defects. OrthoCor Medical does not accept returns or offer refunds, except for cases that fall within the six-month warranty policy.

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